A Leap Towards a Greener Future: RCA's Exeter Airport Wins Hydrogen Challenge

RCA CEO Andrew Bell unveils a landmark achievement for sustainable aviation.

Signaling a significant milestone in our ongoing journey towards sustainable aviation, Exeter Airport - a key member of the RCA family - has been unveiled as one of the first winners of the UK Civil Aviation Authority's Hydrogen Challenge. 

A pioneering collaboration between innovative stakeholders from across the aviation industry to reduce the environmental impact of aircraft turnarounds will be the focus of a trial carried out by RCA, TUI and Cranfield University at Exeter later this year - focusing on the use of hydrogen to power ground support equipment and significantly reduce the carbon costs involved.

Working closely with the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the initiative will identify any hazards, risks, and safety challenges associated with the project, and marks a significant leap towards realizing our vision for a greener future in aviation.

Our collaboration with industry-leading partners in this challenge underscores RCA's commitment to innovation and sustainability. By exploring the potential of hydrogen as a viable fuel source, we're not only addressing the urgent need for reducing aviation's carbon footprint but also paving the way for groundbreaking advancements in the sector. 

Hydrogen fuel, known for its high energy content and zero carbon emission upon combustion, presents a promising pathway towards achieving net-zero emissions in aviation.

RCA believes that fostering a culture of innovation and environmental stewardship is vital to the future of regional aviation, and our involvement in the Hydrogen Challenge is a clear demonstration of this resolve to be at the forefront of sustainable travel - working collaboratively with experts and stakeholders to overcome the technical and regulatory challenges associated with hydrogen fuel.

The significance of this initiative extends beyond RCA or Exeter Airport; it represents a collaborative effort to redefine the boundaries of what's possible in aviation sustainability. By focusing on deploying hydrogen fuel cell drivetrains and hydrogen-electric engines, we are contributing to a global movement towards cleaner, more efficient air travel. This not only supports the industry's transition to greener alternatives but also aligns with our broader environmental goals, impacting future generations positively.

At RCA, we believe that the future of aviation lies not just in connecting destinations but in doing so responsibly and sustainably. This recognition in the Hydrogen Challenge is a significant step forward, but it's just the beginning. Our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and collaboration will remain unwavering as we continue to explore and implement solutions that contribute to a cleaner, greener aviation industry.


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