RCA’s Andrew Bell looks forward to a landmark year focused on growth, connectivity, and sustainable innovation.

We stand at the threshold of another promising year at Regional & City Airports, with the last 12 months delivering a slew of significant achievements and forward-looking initiatives that set the tone for a year brimming with potential.

At the forefront of our successes is the remarkable progress at Bournemouth Airport, a key member of the RCA family and a testament to the rapid leaps that regional aviation is taking to bounce back from the impact of the global pandemic.

The airport recently revealed that it expects to handle more than one million passengers in 2024, and with Ryanair confirming its 20th destination from the airport, we’re investing more than £5m in new facilities, equipment, staff and training to support that growth.

With a series of scheduled substantial upgrades reflecting our unwavering commitment to enhancing passenger experience and operational efficiency, significant investment is being channelled into modernising the terminal, upgrading facilities, and improving the overall infrastructure to ensure a seamless and enjoyable journey for every traveller.

Expanding our horizons further, Norwich Airport, another jewel in RCA's crown, has announced a new partnership with Ryanair, with 3 exciting new Summer sunshine routes – Alicante, Faro, and Malta - to further bolster its position as an important and growing regional transport hub. Exeter Airport, RCA’s third major asset, is also looking forward to a year of growth from its impressive portfolio of 7 airlines.

This expansion is not just about adding routes; it's a strategic move to strengthen our network, connecting communities and supporting regional economic growth. The introduction of these new flights is a testament to our commitment to offering more choices and convenience to our passengers and our communities.

Sustainability will remain a cornerstone of our vision at RCA. Our partnership with Cranfield University continues to spearhead innovative approaches in sustainable aviation, while our pioneering efforts, notably the introduction of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) at Norwich Airport and collaborative projects aimed at reducing emissions from ground operations, underline our dedication to a greener, more sustainable future. 

Our community and educational engagements are at the heart of RCA's ethos. Our ongoing collaboration with local schools, including enriching visits to Bournemouth Airport and our close association with Exeter College, underscores our commitment to nurturing future talent. By offering students first-hand experiences in the world of aviation, we aim to ignite curiosity and ambition, fostering the next generation of aviation professionals.

As we embark on this new year, I extend an invitation to our partners, stakeholders, and the communities we serve to join us in this journey of growth and innovation. Together, we will continue to make a positive impact, shaping a future where aviation, sustainability, and community engagement converge to create lasting value.


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