Coventry Airport to host major reunion for Second World War heroes from across the country

Project Propeller, which has brought ex-aircraft crew members together at airfields across the country for the last 20 years, will see around 100 veterans flown to Coventry Airport by volunteer pilots on June 23rd 2019.

Once there, they will be given the chance to handle an aircraft themselves once again, as well as meet or catch up with fellow veterans.

Organisers have declared Coventry ‘the perfect place’ to host Project Propeller in 2019, following an approach by Paul Brown, Air Traffic Manager at Coventry Airport, who was keen to offer help to the project.

Graham Cowie, Air Operations Manager for Project Propeller, said: “The event was created as a way of thanking our brave airmen for their service in the Second World War.

“For the veterans we invite, it is a rare chance to meet up with others who have experienced the same things they have, to reminisce about the incredible stories they share.

“It also allows them to socialise with other ex-aircrew in a very relaxing environment where, because of their shared wartime experiences, they feel completely at home.

“For the experienced pilots, the chance to control an aircraft again is incredible and we have had such positive feedback over the years as to what this means to the veterans.

“Coventry is a perfect location for us to host Project Propeller, it is a central location with a great airspace, so to have been approached directly by the airport is great.

“We are all volunteers who organise the event, there isn’t a financial gain for us, so being offered a great location is a huge help as we look ahead to next summer.”

Preparations are now taking place to organise details around Project Propeller at Coventry Airport, on Rowley Road.
Coventry Airport’s Paul Brown said: “We are proud to offer Coventry Airport up as the venue for next year’s Project Propeller.

“It is a wonderful event which just shows the level of respect and admiration people still have for the heroes who risked their lives in the Second World War.

“It will be an honour to welcome these veterans to Coventry Airport.”

The Project Propeller organisation team are always looking for more Second World War veterans to invite, having utilised social media in recent years to discover as many people eligible to attend as possible.

They also welcome donations from the public, or corporate sponsorship as the event costs around £7,000 a year to host.

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