Our Expertise

Led by a team with proven commercial and operational expertise in both the airport and airline sectors, Regional & City Airports offers a comprehensive range of strategic and operational services covering all aspects of regional airport development and operation from masterplan development to airfield operations and retail services.

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On the airfield

We understand the complex nature of airfields and provide airport owners with a comprehensive Airfield Services offer which covers the safe and secure running of all airside ground activities including refuelling, ground handling, airfield operations, security, rescue and firefighting services and air traffic and air traffic engineering services.

In the terminal

Our airports are popular with travellers because we focus on proactively managing the experience of passengers through the terminal whilst still meeting all of the statutory requirements placed upon airport operators.

The right mix of shops and services can delight passengers, encouraging them to view the airport as the start of their journey and something to be anticipated eagerly. Equally, car parking plays a key role on perceptions of airports. It is a highly important service and one that is essential to get right, otherwise it can represent the cause of serious customer dissatisfaction.

Through our XLR brand and Corporate Handling services, we also deliver high standards of service to aircraft owners and VIP passengers. Visit the XLR page for more information.

On the ramp

We manage all ground handling services for both commercial and general aviation aircraft including passenger disembarkation, cleaning, catering and baggage handling services and the care of passengers with reduced mobility.

We operate a complete fuel procurement and management service; managing the supply, storage and distribution of fuels used by aircraft and ground service equipment. Our team ensures full compliance with the regulatory and environmental requirements of fuel supply at airports and operates comprehensive reporting systems.

Ensuring our airports are safe and secure

We are proud of our track record in ensuring and sustaining high levels of safety at all of our airports. We apply robust risk management principles and processes to eliminate or reduce safety risks and use market-leading safety systems and processes to maintain an outstanding safety culture at all levels within our airport management teams.

We have extensive experience of managing the whole airport security process, complying with all civil aviation security legislation and regulatory requirements and instilling a robust security and safety-first culture in our airport teams, even amongst those employees who have no direct responsibility for operational matters.

Maximising ancillary revenue

At the heart of every 21st century airport is a robust commercial strategy which supplements aviation revenues with a balanced portfolio of commercial services, maximising revenue from the airport estate, improving the passenger and airline customer experience and underpinning a strong financial performance.

We have has extensive experience in developing revenue streams from car parking, retail and other ancillary revenue streams. This includes developing the appropriate retail and food & beverage mix for each airport’s passenger profile; maximising sales potential through smart forecasting; developing airport advertising and car parking revenue; developing e-commerce activities and a high-quality airport property portfolio and improving the passenger experience through our Premium Passenger propositions.

We also support airport owners in harnessing the value and potential of their property portfolios, including the development of airport-based offices and business parks, warehouses, airline ground-handling facilities, hangars and fuel farms.

Providing management information services

The RCA team includes experienced HR, Finance and IT professionals who understand the unique nature of airport operations and are familiar in the systems and processes required to operate airports profitably, enabling them to support both executive and operational requirements through timely and relevant management information and services.

Planning for growth

We understand how to identify the right target airlines for particular markets; how to deliver the optimum outcome from routes conferences and bilateral meetings; how to market an airport effectively and how to build long-term relationships with airlines to establish a profitable business outcome.

Securing permission for both long term strategic development and more immediate planning requirements requires an expert touch. We understand not only Government aviation policy and planning laws, but also work hard to create the local stakeholder-centric approach required to build a supportive consensus around airport development.